@Earth First! 9th-14th August

For all Animal Liberationists, Animal Rights and Vegan activists: past, present and future. Join us at Earth First! to meet; share practical skills and ideas; and learn together how to make Animal Liberation happen.

WORKSHOPS on: direct action; movement building; effective campaigning; strategy and tactics; capacity building; practical skills; group organising; security, the law and your rights; and dozens more from Earth First! and the Animal Liberation movement from Wednesday to Sunday.

WEEKEND FORUM. A connected series of talks and facilitated discussions will run between Friday afternoon and Sunday lunchtime in order to create a collective vision, strategies and tactics for Animal Liberation. For past - present - and future activists and organisers, national and local, to build a picture of how our individual and group actions will contribute collectively to Animal Liberation.

EVERYONE IS CREW. This is a DIY event, there’s no paid staff, no organising hierarchy, no big budget, everyone’s a volunteer. Please join the spirit and take the initiative to help, or offer to help, with e.g. water, cooking, kids, toilets, shuttle-buses or whatever you see that needs doing. We especially need help with: kitchen duties; the children’s area; setting up 7th/8th; and taking down 14/15th. Volunteer at: summergathering@earthfirst.org.uk. Learn skills to run your own gatherings or to help us next year.

THE BASICS: bring a tent, sleeping bag, torch, etc - it’s rural and off grid; vegan meals available from communal kitchen (approx £7-8 donation pp per day); no cameras, no tablets; no journalism; no alcohol til 7pm, and quiet from midnight. There are significant costs and we ask everyone to make a donation of approx £15-50 depending on length of stay and what you can afford but no one will be turned away if you honestly can't pay.

OPPRESSIVE BEHAVIOUR. We have a philosophy of achieving Total Liberation for all human and non-human animals through Direct Action. A Safer Spaces Agreement is operated by a mediation team to manage oppressive behaviours. Racism, ageism, homophobia, sexism, transphobia, ableism or prejudice based on ethnicity, nationality, class, gender, gender presentation, language ability, sexuality, asylum status or religious affiliation is unacceptable. A safer spaces policy will be posted here closer to the event.

We believe that all UK Animal Rights Groups should always have a policy of inclusion, welcoming anyone into the ranks regardless of race, creed, gender, religion or sexuality. Our movement has been forced over the years to confront and exclude people who have been proved to be Racist or Fascist but now numerous groups are refusing to do this, which has made meetings and events unsafe for all minority and oppressed groups of people. We declare that our group and all events, activities and demonstrations will be Safe Spaces, free from Racism, Homophobia, Transphobia, Sexism, Ableism, Islamophobia, Anti-Semitism and bigotry in all of its forms. We are calling on all other animal rights groups to step up against Racism and Fascism like we have done to show what a UK Animal Rights Organization is prepared to stand for! Promote a more ethical attitude to both humans and animals and join us in collaboration with our policy against Racism and Fascism within the Animal Rights & Vegan Movement!